I am using this service now and while I got a good to ho-hum review it sounds like the reviewer didn’t read my entire book. Based on some of the conclusions they made I think they read 75% of a 70k YA. Most people can chug through a YA in an afternoon so I was disappointed.

Several reedsy discovery readers are “following” me but I’m not sure what a “follow” is worth. Having spent $50 on stupider things the money doesn’t bother me, but I do feel foolish for having been taken. Apparently indie book money is made off the authors on book covers and reviews, not the selling of actual books.

I have found navigating this whole review issue very frustrating. I have several half-finished projects on inkitt.com under CelieWells and have only received a few comments even though based on my analytics thousands of unique readers have read my work. Their matrix at least shows what chapters people read and it’s free to use.

Fiction writer- www.celiewells.com www.inkitt.com/CelieWells Accountant, Software Nut, Traveler, People Watcher

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