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Fiction writer- Accountant, Software Nut, Traveler, People Watcher

Finding life in the dismal summer of 1987.

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I earned an audition for a company in San Francisco a month earlier when I was a solid B cup. Now, after losing three more pounds, I was still pushing a full C. My genetics were pulling me away from the only…

When I was thirteen.

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I know all the parents out there are saying, “Oh my, how unfortunate.” But it wasn’t. His advice came to me at just the right time and probably saved me years of heartbreak.

I told him I needed a devil, someone worse than my step-father. He…

Her reasons for marriage were vastly different from yours.

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In decades past, marriage was a financial necessity for women. Many of our foremothers married to ensure their security and safety in a world that was anti-female at best and physically hostile at worst. …

Onus Angelorum — Pax’s offer to Alerie.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

To guide a servant is to know a measure of toil and worry.

Letting uncertainty die beneath the master’s shadow is a welcomed reprieve from life.

The invitation to obey another is a rare gift of freedom.

When sweet freedom ends, I take…

Chapter 11 — Henry and Alerie at the reception.

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Henry put his fork on his plate and pinched my arm lightly. “Are you done with your dinner?”

“I’ve decided I’m not going to eat the green tops on my carrots. I could, but I’m choosing not to. …

Chapter 10 — Henry and Alerie arrive in New York

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We took a small plane into LaGuardia and a car to Rockefeller Plaza. Endless hours waiting in my father’s Manhattan office as a child made the city feel flat to me. …

Chapter 9 — Alerie and Henry prepare to travel.

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Saturday morning, I slept in past nine wanting to be rested and fresh looking for the long day ahead. I managed to get in an hour at the gym. The endorphins from exercise cleared my head and calmed my mind. …

Chapter 1 — Alerie and Leo start off the story together.

Image by Pixleshot via Canva Pro

Leo’s body is a stunning example of superior breeding, but his shower rendition of ‘Dust in the Wind’ is terrible.w

Pulling the crumpled sheets with me, I crawled back on the naked mattress and savored the rush of endorphins…

Chapter 8 — Alerie and Henry get ready to attend a wedding.

Image by Lady-Photo via Getty Images and Canva

“You’re punctual. Two-thirty on the nose.” Henry dressed casually in light jeans, a faded blue college t-shirt with only half a Colonel emblem left, and bare feet. Very different from how I usually see him.

“I was afraid…

Chapter 7 — Emma and Alerie discuss witches and demons.

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

“Emma is it,” I asked. “Why are you following my friend Leo?” My bag of pastries took the brunt of my surprise. I felt one squish flat under my coiling fingers.

“That’s what you want to ask me?” Emma smirked…

Celie Wells

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